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Geocoin 4965 has been exchanged 23 times.

2017-09-21 Found by Stump14 in Brockport, NY

A friend Picked this up and couldn’t figure out how to log it so she gave it to me. She got it from.

2017-07-23 Hidden by Filthy_hobbitses in Erie Canal Path

Hid in How Fun! … Cache Page

2017-07-19 Found by Filthy_hobbitses in Carnegie Mellon University

Found in cache CMU West

2017-06-21 Found by Scook in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Picked up this coin last week but forgot to log it immediately. I won’t be as negligent in moving it along. We’re leaving on a road trip tomorrow.

2017-03-30 Found by MteamLX in Wincheringen / Germany

retrieved it from Multicache "Schatz im Brandel" GC4D5FY

2013-08-05 Found by kristiend in Nederland, Amsterdam Noord

Koppensnellers-Kop Boulevard?

2013-03-19 Found by Frosty311 in Amsterdam, Holland

Took it out of my own cache. First coin that i found. Gonna re-hide it really soo

2013-03-03 Found by Willem Pijper in Lage Vuursche


2012-12-14 Found by De Zuidjes in Delfgauw

We found this coin in the cache Boomkevertje 3

2008-08-04 Found by Oleir in Kristiansund, Norway

Varden, Kr.sund

2008-06-17 Hidden by peerikss in Another Place In Sweden

HornÃ¥sen gravfält … Cache Page

2008-06-15 Found by peerikss in In The Middle Of Sweden

Retrieved it from Vinkaren i Övergran.

2008-04-26 Found by Lillablå in Upplands-Vasby Sweden

Found it in Afrodite GC1B50N

2007-10-07 Found by Mistel in Sweden, Sörmland, Malmköping

Picked it from Geocache "Hjert and Tector, GCK6DF".

2007-03-31 Found by doppie in UTRECHT/ Netherlands

found it in "rondje Heidepark" in Bilthoven, The Netherlands

2007-03-29 Hidden by Mars Express in Heideparl

dropped in Heidepark GCYYDV … Cache Page

2007-03-20 Found by Mars Express in CPH Airport Travel Bug Hotel #

took it with me to .nl

2007-02-19 Found by griffen in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Found it in a "hard To Find" cache

2007-01-30 Hidden by jpi76 in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Placed in Nyhavn on an afternoon walk. … Cache Page

2007-01-14 Found by jpi76 in Hareskoven

Found in Svineryggen on a very windy day geocaching in the forest

2007-01-14 Hidden by ougaard in Hareskov, Denmark

Dropped the coin while doing a multi in the wood on a very windy day. … Cache Page

2007-01-13 Found by ougaard in Farum, Denmark

Retrieved this coin today.

2006-06-06 Hidden by in Peer - Belgium

First drop... … Cache Page



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