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Geocoin 3738 has been exchanged 28 times.

2017-01-07 Found by BBDAMN in Auckland Airport, NZ

Discovered in GC250Q5 International Departure Lounge Mark III, Auckland, NZ

2012-09-16 Found by Zork V in Grabbing Back Fro Yet Another

Nothing happening, so lets try again.

2011-02-24 Found by George Greenhalgh in Whitefield, Manchester, UK

Whitefield Park

2010-09-23 Hidden by Zork V in Outside Manchester City UK

Dropped off to start a new adventure in the UK

2010-08-29 Hidden by Zork V in My Geocache Back In New Zeal

Dropping back into my own cache on Auckland’s North Shore, NZ … Cache Page

2010-08-26 Found by ZORKV in Grabbing Back For A Restart

Grabbing this one back as it was lost at event in Australia. Will restart it again as a COPY coin.

2007-11-08 Hidden by Sc00t in Bathurst

Off to an event in Bathurst … Cache Page

2007-05-27 Found by Sc00t in Adelaide, South Australia

Picked this up thinking it was a geocoin, so this is very new....will drop off somewhere soon.

2007-05-24 Hidden by Dylanja in Adelaide City

In Geocache ’Acting Up’, near Light Square. … Cache Page

2007-03-14 Found by Dylanja in Hubbe Reserve, Burnside

Geocache: Side Of The Burn

2007-02-18 Hidden by tofska in Devonport

Dropped off for some wine tasting … Cache Page

2007-02-11 Found by tofska in Browns Bay

Moviní On

2007-02-06 Hidden by Tufty in Auckland NZ

I placed it the Twin Oaks cache … Cache Page

2007-02-06 Found by Tufty in Auckland, NZ, Hockey Field

I found it in Hockey1, Hockey2, Hockey3 cache.

2007-01-10 Hidden by St. Ouens in Hockey Park, North Shore, AK

HOCKEY 1, HOCKEY 2, HOCKEY 3 … Cache Page

2007-01-08 Found by St. Ouens in Totoravale Res., Auckland

Tote A Ra Res. (Auckland) by glyn & kay (the only ones

2007-01-05 Hidden by redfiat in Toteara Reservation

Realised I’d had this for far to long so dropped of in a fairly new cache. … Cache Page

2006-07-29 Found by redfiat in Western Springs, Auckland

Found this whilst geocaching in Western springs - GCE7DB Springs Geometry

2006-07-02 Hidden by smerrall in Western Springs

Dropped off in the final cache of "Spring Geometry" … Cache Page

2006-07-01 Found by smerrall in Auckland

Found it in Pinball, and will drop it off somewhere tomorrow before I leave Auckland.

2006-01-21 Hidden by Tufty in West Auckland

Pinball … Cache Page

2005-12-30 Found by Tufty in North Shore, Auckland

Found at Tuff Enough

2005-12-22 Hidden by zorkv in North Shore Akld

Hidden for Christmas @ Tuff Enough. … Cache Page

2005-08-17 Found by zork v in Browns Bay

Retrived from Ben Mcs Browns Bay Green. Put my ownership label with the coin.

2005-08-15 Hidden by the.pud in Browns Bay, Auckland , NZ

Browns Village Green By BenMc … Cache Page

2005-08-07 Found by the.pud in Auckland, New Zealand

This is our second coin, will move on soon.

2005-07-25 Found by Just Floundering in Pukekohe, New Zealand

Potato Top Summit GCPV26

2005-07-22 Hidden by Zork V in Pukekohe

Place the coin in its 1st cache, Potato Top Summitt. … Cache Page



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