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Geocoin 2206 has been exchanged 17 times and travelled over 9.64 miles.

2018-08-11 Found by Rocketrobin52 in Not Sure

I don’t know where I found it

2018-08-11 Found by Rocketrobin52 in Not Sure

I don’t know where I found it

2017-09-29 Found by urpickle in Pennypack Woods GC47HAT

Found in Pennypack Woods

2007-07-22 Found by tpmille in CHH. View Park

GC14GEP Lenape Indian Tribute Cache

2007-01-28 Found by Cachenut06 in Bethlehem, PA

Picked up at Fall Picnic

2006-09-21 Found by stayfloopy in New Jersey

Found in Shepherd Lake 1 geocache.

2006-09-19 Hidden by Outdoors Lady in Shepherd Lake At Skylands, NJ

Placed in a new cache called Shepherd Lake 1 … Cache Page

2006-09-10 Found by Outdoors Lady in Skylands Manor, NJ

Found in a cache called "Happiness is a Warm Puppy"

2005-11-05 Found by Bradey Beard in Brushy Mnt., Leverett, MA USA

Found in the "For the NERDS" geocache

2005-08-26 Found by iceburger in Athol, MA

Picked up at the Power Of Caching cache, one of my caches. I saw it dropped a couple days ago and have been praying it would still be there when I could go down. It was ;)

2005-05-29 Hidden by RI777 in Central Mass

Picked up at Sampson’s Pebble in Spencer and dropped off at my own Comet Cache … Cache Page

2005-05-29 Hidden by RI777 in Central Mass

Picked up at another cache today and am dropping here at my own. The Comet Cache … Cache Page (9.64 miles N)

2005-05-29 Found by RI777 in Central Mass

Found in Sampson’s Pebble Cache in Spencer, MA. First Coin for us to log. will place in another cache soon

2004-10-31 Hidden by Meldy Spud in Central Massachusetts

Hide in a great multi-cache in Moore State Park. … Cache Page

2004-10-17 Found by Meldy Spud in North Central Massachusetts

Found in the Can Lady’s Cache in lovely Leominster. Now I know where to get my own! Very cool.

2004-08-09 Found by Captain & Frenchy in Saint John New Brunswick,canad

Found it in " Welcome To Ragged Falls" waypoint gck4ae Beautiful Falls!!! Will place it in a cache in Massachusetts.

2004-06-20 Hidden by The Old Clam Shuckers in Dollar Lake Prov Park

Slippery Fox: Cache-Me-If-You-Can



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