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Geocoin 1685 has been exchanged 30 times and travelled over 21.5 miles.

2019-05-16 Found by korni02 in Krefeld

I found him on the street and will hide him again soon.

2011-04-16 Hidden by 4Steckenpferde in Langenfeld Germany

placed it in OWU 2011 … Cache Page

2011-04-10 Found by 4Steckenpferde in Cologne

found it in Geocache Drachenschule.

2011-03-24 Hidden by BBastian in Hackenbroich

Hidden at "Drachenschule" (Dragonschool) GC2PJ2C. … Cache Page

2011-03-22 Found by BBastian in Anröchte

Found at "Scary Cache" GC1D79A.

2011-02-19 Hidden by Dosenfisch in Anröchte NRW, Germany

Dropped in Scary Cache … Cache Page

2011-02-13 Found by Dosenfisch in Geseke, NRW, Germany

Took it in Drop-Zone in Beckum, Germany

2011-01-24 Found by Kerby & Sohn in Bünde

Greetings from Germany

2010-11-07 Hidden by liíl Dracula in Bünde

go on... … Cache Page

2010-11-07 Found by li’l Dracula in Bünde

wrong Cache - sorry...

2010-11-07 Hidden by liíl Dracula in Bünde

go on … Cache Page

2010-10-03 Found by li’l Dracula in Versmold, Germany

I had never seen a coin like this before. It’s a beatiful coin! Today I retrieved it from the "Frühstücksevent Versmold".

2010-10-02 Hidden by Wikinger81 in Eventbox

nice breakfast … Cache Page

2010-09-28 Found by Wikinger81 in Wood

go on ...

2010-09-26 Hidden by QMJ in Germany

on the road again, good Luck :-) … Cache Page

2010-08-21 Found by QMJ in Germany, Tecklenburg

I find the coin in an archived Box in the wood. Now its on the road again ;-) Greeting from Germany Team QMJ

2009-03-15 Hidden by Team QMJ in Tecklenburger Land

in Coin , Cache 1000 Bisse Good Luck for the next travel … Cache Page

2009-03-01 Found by QMJ in Tecklenburg, Germany

Found it in a nice cache, we took it and the travel goes on

2009-02-26 Found by erbe47 in Forest

Gaster Berg

2009-02-05 Hidden by geocache boy in Osnabrueck, Germany

Placed it in the Cache "Gaster Berg". … Cache Page

2009-01-23 Found by geocache boy in Ibbenbüren

Got it from bodhran who showed me the coin.

2009-01-16 Found by bodhran in Pyer Ding

retrieved it from Pyer Ding. Lay there for one month...

2008-12-12 Hidden by m-berg in Osnabrueck, Germany

Go on... … Cache Page

2008-11-10 Found by m-berg in Osnabrueck

Found it in Osnabrueck. Going on...

2008-09-29 Found by Wutschkow in Hamburg


2008-09-24 Hidden by Waldschrompf in Hamburg, Germany

I dropped this coin on my visit in Hamburg … Cache Page

2008-08-11 Found by Waldschrompf in Kiel, Germany

This coin has been brought to Kiel by Sanne&Kiki.

2008-06-22 Found by Sanne&Kiki in Norway

On the road again, we found it in the cache "Holmvatn 4"... Sanne & Kiki

2008-06-15 Hidden by ExTechOp in Norway

Dropped off at Holmvatn 4. … Cache Page

2008-06-14 Found by ExTechOp in Norway

Found at De Tre Bruene.



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