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Canadian Geocoins are custom minted, high quality, individually numbered coins that are designed to provide geocachers with a collectable, tradable and trackable cache items that are unique to geocaching worldwide, but with a Canadian flair.

Each geocoin is hand minted from award quality, polished brass then nickel plated and polished to an award finish. Each coin is individually numbered to allow the owner and finders alike to track its movements. Each coin is 38 mm in diameter and weighs 30 g.
These are beautifully crafted and professionally minted pieces. Whether kept as a memento of a memorable cache hunt or left as an irresistible cache trade item for a fellow cacher, a CA geocoin is the perfect treasure.
These coins are trackable on geocaching.com and come with their own custom icon which will appear in the geocaching profile for each cache hide or find.
Canadian Geocaching Geocoins

Geocaching is a rapidly growing global sport where outdoor enthusiasts seek out treasures planted all over the world, using only a GPS receiver

and a keen sense of adventure. Geocoins make the perfect treasure for the reward at the end of your hunt. To learn more about geocaching, please visit geocaching.com.

In March 2002, we designed, produced, and began selling THE FIRST commercially available geocoin. Yes, we started it all.

Now, well into our 12th year of producing geocoins, we are pleased to offer a new edition of our official Canadian geocaching geocoin. Click here to buy your new edition Canadian Geocoin.

Canadian Geocoins