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CA Geocoins… the ultimate cache prize!

April 5, 2006

2006 Edition Canadian geocoins are now available. These coins are trackable at

April 18, 2005

Canadian Geocoins are now available through GPS Central, Your Real Canadian GPS Source.

January 1, 2005

Canadian Geocoins now include distance traveled in the Track logs.

September 1, 2004

Canadian Geocoins are now available In Norway through Geodepot.

January 20, 2004

Canadian Geocoins are now available in Europe, online through Geoshop in Sweden.

January 1, 2004

We have just implemented a more streamlined order processing system.

As such, we have now reduced our shipping and handling charges.

Geocoins have never been more affordable.

Geocoins are custom minted and individually numbered coins that are designed to provide geocachers with a collectable, tradable and trackable cache items that are unique to geocaching worldwide, but with a Canadian flair.

Geocaching is a rapidly growing global sport where outdoor enthusiasts seek out treasures planted all over the world, using only a GPS receiver and a keen sense of adventure. Geocoins make the perfect treasure for the reward at the end of your hunt. To learn more about geocaching, please visit

CA Geocoins provides the resources for you to Track a coin's movement, Log a coin exchange (hide or find), Search for coins near you, and of course, Order your own personal geocoins. GeoCoin owners can also Manage their coin collection through a convenient owners interface.

Each geocoin is hand minted from award quality, polished brass. Each coin is individually numbered to allow the owner and finders alike to track its movements. Each coin is 38 mm in diameter and weighs 24 g.

These are beautifully crafted and professionally minted pieces. Whether kept as a memento of a memorable cache hunt or left as an irresistible cache trade item for a fellow cacher, a CA geocoin is the perfect treasure.

For close up look at the ultimate cache prize, please take a peek into our Coin Jar Cache.

This website is provided as a free service to the geocaching community.

Here's what recent CA GeoCoin owners have to say…

Moun10Bike, Washington They are absolutely GORGEOUS -- almost as nice as my own geocoins! I have a special cache coming up -- my 250th find -- and I plan on making one of these the special token that I leave. Whoever finds it will be very lucky!”

Sidewinder, Montana "FANTASTIC I just received my Canadian geocoins today and they are spectacular to say the least. These are almost too nice to put in a cache.”

Martinp13, Texas… "Really REALLY nice! At least one or two will be prizes at the DFW Geogathering”

Clatmandu, Michigan.… "I just received my coins today. They are too cool

Olar, Ontario "These Canadian Geocoins are beautiful. I can't wait to send them out for our fellow cachers to see and admire”

Sliver, Ontario… "I can only say that these coins are beautiful!! I think that anyone who finds one of these coins will be one lucky geocacher!”

Johnny-Cache, British Columbia… "These puppies are unreal… put them in a cache, I'm tempted to put them in my safe deposit box!!! love 'em!”

Cliffy, Ontario "They're GREAT !!!!!!! Received mine yesterday. Thanks again !!!!!!!!!”


Recent CA geocoin exchanges

2019-06-14 Geocoin 2763 was Hidden in Between Two Benches by 1stPrys
2019-05-16 Geocoin 1685 was Found in Krefeld by korni02
2019-04-07 Geocoin 1710 was Found in Elmira, Ontario by Miliris
2018-08-11 Geocoin 2206 was Found in Not Sure by Rocketrobin52
2018-08-11 Geocoin 2206 was Found in Not Sure by Rocketrobin52
2018-07-22 Geocoin 4017 was Found in Saint John NB by none
2017-12-13 Geocoin 1 was Hidden in 1 by arachni_name
2017-12-13 Geocoin 1 was Hidden in 1 by arachni_name)
2017-12-13 Geocoin 1 was Hidden in 1 by arachni_name
2017-12-13 Geocoin 1 was Hidden in 1 by arachni_name









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