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Just received your order of coins? You must activate your coins before they can be tracked. Please use our coin collection page to activate and manage your Geocoins.


CA Geocoins is not affiliated with, Groundspeak or Grounded Inc. in any way other than that we are avid participants in the sport and hope our geocoins will help in the promotion of geocaching in general.

The logo, Groundspeak logo and any other related marks, are used with permission of, Groundspeak, and Grounded Inc.

This web site and the geocoin tracking capabilities contained herein, are not in any way implied as being included with the purchase price of a geocoin. This site is provided as a service to the purchaser of the coins and may or may not be available at any given time. The purchase price of a geocoin only includes the coin itself and no other service.

This web site was designed by and hosted by imagiNet Information Management Inc., of Vancouver BC. All services related to this website, including its design, hosting, database integration, secure commerce server etc, are provided free of charge to CA Geocoins.

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